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​2-1-1 & 2 Kita-Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo


How we started


 1946 The first generation opened "Kaise Bicycle Shop".


 The current chairman, the second generation, received training from the first generation at the age of 13, and opened his own business in 1996 in what is now Kita Ueno (Kappabashi). Changed the name to "KAISECYCLE-". Since then, we have started working as a bicycle shop rooted in the area.

 Right now, our shop is the chairman, the third generation president from 2016, and the three people in charge. Operated by a family business. The chairman is a living dictionary of the history of bicycles, the president speaks English, and the office manager is a smiling and hospitable person.

Rather than specialized features, we are responding to the needs of our customers with almighty, from general cars, electric cars, children's cars to sports cars, utility cars, and custom cars.

​ In 2019, we expanded our business by creating an annex with a lineup of women's bicycles within a 15-second walk. We have a rental free space and operate a rehearsal room for 200 groups of dancers and actors a year.

 The chairman's favorite car is a Royal Norton. Suntour component.

 The third generation president's favorite car is a Tange pipe plated road. Shimano & Campagnolo components.

 The office manager's favorite car is Alberto. Specifications with carrier and basket.

  I would like to support my life with a bicycle.

Chairman: Bicycle

The third president: Two bundles of straw sandals, a bicycle and a street performer

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