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  Rental bikes are available. 500 yen for 4 hours rental, 1000 yen for same day rental, 1500 yen for 24 hours rental. If you rent for 2 consecutive days or more, you can use it for 1000 yen per day from the 2nd day onwards. Opening hours are from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm. Child seats and child helmets are free of charge. We will ask for various certificates for the deposit in advance payment. Our rental bikes are affixed with anti-theft registration and TS mark insurance. If accessories such as keys or lights are lost, the actual cost will be charged.

We have  bikes for rent.500 yen for 4hours, 1,000 yena day, from when you rent to when we close.1,500 yen, from when you rent to next same time. stay over after one day 24hours fee is1,000 yen par days.we open 10:00am, close 7:00pm. childseat and child helmet is free. payment is addvanced.deposit is passport or id.registeredTokyo Metropolitan Police Department as well as insuredtraffic safety mark Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company Limited. a did to lost keys, lights, anything else accesarries needs to be paid extra regards.

MTB bike bianchi_edited_edited.jpg
MTB bike

26 HE wheels

classic cr-mo steel frame.

3×7s shift gear

side single kick stand

childseat e-bike
angelino ptitte

front max 15kg, rear max 25kg childseat

ex: 2 to 6 years old 2 children

electronic power may last for 40km.

double leg stand

city bike

26inch 650A wheels 

7s gear custom

old classic custom bike

front auto right

side single kick stand

minivelo drop

20 HE wheels

2x8s gear custom

cr-mo steel bike

w-lever shifter

gi-do-ne-tto break lever

double leg  integrated stand

yamaha ypj

700C wheels 

8s gear 

e-bike last long 35km

front basket


cross bike
giant liv escape r3w

700c wheels 

3x8s gear

aluminum bike

S size

apple green

child seat and helmet

max 25kg childseat

ex: 2 to 6 years old

XXS size helmet 44 to 48cm



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